Brainstorm with 100state

100state_webGot a business idea or problem to work through but have absolutely no idea of where to start? 100state might just be the resource you need. Should your idea or problem tickle their fancy, so to speak, you just might be invited in for a brainstorming session with a number of bright and creative 100staters.

From 100state:

“100state invites organization or individuals to come in for a two-hour brainstorm with four to eight 100staters. This is a unique opportunity to connect with bright innovators in technology, design, data, and business.

We’ll share it with our community, find people passionate about helping, and set up a time to collaborate.

We do this on a donate-what-you-value basis. No payment is required, but after the brainstorm we invite participants to make a donation to reciprocate the value you receive.

During our brainstorm, we get out-of-the-box and into the core of what it is you want to accomplish and how you could pursue it.

Unlike many meetings, this isn’t just talk. We like to get active and work in the meeting, and often make partner introductions or create actual changes while we brainstorm. 100state brainstorms create an environment of creativity both for our members and your team to push the boundaries of what you’ve considered before.

After the brainstorm, we aggregate the ideas from the meeting and send them to you along with actionable next-steps and suggestions.

Often one or more 100state members want to continue to stay involved with the challenge. We’re happy to help facilitate the connection, and are also open to continued ideation or strategy meetings.”

Ready to give it a shot? Send ’em your info! 

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