Milwaukee’s first brewery incubator

By Kathy Flanigan, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

brewing_vat_webMilwaukee’s first brewery incubator launches in February with Barley to Barrel, a 10-week program for those who want to start their own beer business.

The program will take 10 potential brewers from developing a business plan to product distribution with help at each step.

Six people have already signed up at $500 each.

Barley to Barrel is sponsored by The Crafter Space, an organization that helps aspiring brewers.

At the sessions, which run through April, mentors offer advice on inception, recipe design, sales and marketing and how to sell an account, said John Graham, one of three principles of The Crafter Space.

It doesn’t have to be beer, Graham said. Mead and cider operations also qualify.

At the end, participants will brew, bottle, and market their product which will be available at select accounts in Milwaukee.

Classes will meet at Company Brewing, 735 E. Center St., for hands-on recipe design, how to scale a recipe and brewing. Read more …

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