Scale Up Milwaukee accepting applications for Scalerator program

scaleup_mkeWelcome to Scale Up Milwaukee’s Scalerator™ online application! As you know by now, Scale Up Milwaukee is a region-wide project helping entrepreneurs infuse their ventures with growth which also helps the ecosystem “stakeholders” (educators, government, banks, equity investors, public institutions, corporations, local and national media) learn how to encourage and support that growth. Past Scalerator participants in Scale Up Milwaukee have reported a median 25% additional growth which they directly attribute to the practical skills and lessons learned from the Scalerator program. Learn  more information about these outcomes here.

We are pleased to open up the application process for the third Scalerator program. This expanded Scalerator is an intense 6 month training program for business owners and key team members who are active managers and who are also extremely motivated to grow their businesses. The Scalerator will start in October 2015 and conclude in March 2016.  A core of the best faculty from Babson College (ranked for 20 years above Harvard, Stanford and others as #1 in entrepreneurship education) and other experts (local and international) will conduct hands-on, and practical workshop sessions to help business entrepreneurs kick off and sustain a more rapid growth trajectory.  So far, 27 local companies have graduated from the Scalerator program, averaging a planned 41% in revenue growth in 2015. Additionally, the program works with investors, banks, professional services firms, universities, and public sector stakeholders to support growth.

… 23% sales increase from existing customers due to Scalerator

I rave about the Scalerator … helped us hire some of the best employees over the last 6 months.

The Scalerator will help you grow your business – the seven workshops, exercises, and mentoring will have an immediate and direct impact on your top and bottom line growth. Scalerator works well for those business entrepreneurs who have a powerfully strong ambition to grow and are open to learning new ways to do that. Space is limited and at most 20 applicants will be accepted for Scalerator 3.

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