Six Madison early stage companies to watch in 2016

By Scott Resnick, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

1millioncups_jsonline22015 has been a phenomenal year for startup company growth here in the Madison region. Businesses such as EatStreet and Propeller Health followed the mantra “built in Madison” and our recent spotlight successes have generated national attention. With so much forward momentum in the startup sector and 2016 just around the corner, it begs the question: who’s next? The following is a list of early stage companies that have raised no more than $4 million and are my “six to watch in 2016.”

23VIVI – A team of young entrepreneurs with a lot of promise has developed an online marketplace for limited edition digital art. The digital art world is a new frontier, and I foresee this Etsy-esque startup exploding on the scene.

Emonix – A gBETA graduate has created a wireless sensor that attaches to commercial water softeners and actively measures water hardness. This could be the start of a wave of Internet of Things companies out of the University of Wisconsin, and Emonix is destined to find a niche within residential and commercial developments.

Ionic – The site beckons with “Ionic is the beautiful, open source front-end SDK for developing hybrid mobile apps with web technologies.” Drifty makes it possible for web developers to leverage their own expertise in order to build for the world of native applications that can then be published to the major app stores. Having just published their millionth app and formed a new partnership with Google, this unknown treasure of Madison will be a fun company to watch dominate this coming year. Read more …

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