Six Milwaukee early stage companies to watch in 2016

By Matt Cordio, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Milwaukee River2015 has been a great year for Milwaukee’s startup community. Ward 4 opened, and several Milwaukee-based early stage companies continued to grow rapidly. Recently, my fellow OnRamp curator Scott Resnick named the six Madison region early stage companies he is watching in 2016. I thought I would follow suit with the Milwaukee area early stage companies I’m watching in 2016:

Angio 360 Diagnostics – a Milwaukee startup led by Medical College of Wisconsin researcher Stephanie Cossette, is developing a tool for early detection of brain tumors in Humans and Animals that uses a marker that detects new blood vessel formation. Angio 360, is making progress towards testing in Animals and Humans after winning the NIH’s Neuro Startup Challenge and raising some seed capital.

Bright Cellars – a Wine Subscription retailer founded by two MIT alums chose to relocate to Milwaukee earlier this year after participating in gene8tor’s accelerator program and raising a $2 million seed round led by CSA Partners. Since moving to Milwaukee Bright Cellars continues to grow their team and subscription membership base rapidly.

GETTER – launched in late 2015 by digital marketing executive Erik Thomas, GETTER, has a patent-pending technology that helps retailers monitor and refine the effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts in real-time. GETTER’s technology also provides competitive insight by gathering intelligence from online consumer profiles it has created. Read more …

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