Startup failure isn’t always the end

Office tableBy Trae Tessmann,

Startup failure can be debilitating. Investing a great deal of time and money into an idea that you’re passionate about, only to see if flop upon launch not only crushes your spirits, but can have a ripple effect across many aspects of your life, but should that spell the end to your entrepreneurial journey? Not always.

A failure doesn’t mean ‘no’ in every case. It just means, maybe back to the drawing board in some ways.

Kickstarter Co-Founder Yancey Strickler spoke on the issue of startup failure with Inc. Magazine, focusing on their crowdfunding platform and the hugely popular Coolest Cooler that launched on Kickstarter last year, raising over $13,000,000 after posting once prior where they failed to reach their goal. Both were met with turbulence when launching their projects, Coolest Cooler not hitting their crowdfunding goal, and Kickstarter stuck in development for nearly 8 years before their launch in 2009. Read more …



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