What type of entrepreneur are you?

cityscape_unsplash_webAre you a Mark Zuckerberg or a Richard Branson? This isn’t one of those zany Buzzfeed quizzes, these gents represent two major types of entrepreneurs: The Daredevil Opportunist (Zuckerberg) and The Analytical Innovator (Branson).

The article below will help you determine whether you should be wearing a hoodie or a blazer every day.

What Type of Entrepreneur Are You?

By Kim LaChance Shandrow, Entrepreneur

Sir Richard Branson’s no boring venture capitalist. Instead, the knighted P.T. Barnum of business has crowned himself an “adventure capitalist.” And, judging by his out of this world aspirations and the wacky publicity stunts he’s pulled over the years, he’s spot-on in his assessment.

The daredevil billionaire and shameless self-promoter will stop at nothing to draw eyeballs to his Virgin companies. He’s jumped off the Palms Hotel Casino in Las Vegas (literally by the seat of his pants), kite surfed with a buck naked model clinging to his back and even mooned a crowd of reporters in Canada.

You might call Branson crazy. We call him an opportunist and a brilliant one at that. Whatever he’s doing, it’s working…all the way to the bank, to the tune of an estimated personal net worth of $4.8 billion. Read more …

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