A definitive guide to coworking spaces in Madison

By Erik Lorenzsonn, The Capital Times

HorizonCoworking_webJust a few years ago, when Tiffanie Mark was working at a less-than-satisfying corporate job in Milwaukee, she began recognizing a pattern among her colleagues. Like her, many of them wanted to take their careers in new directions. But they didn’t have the money, the network, the space or the know-how.

It got her thinking: What if such like-minded people were to rent or buy an office together and share it?

“I was a teen parent, a single parent, and raising kids by yourself teaches you to be more resourceful,” said Mark. “I just kind of naturally applied that to, ‘Let’s start our businesses that way.'”

It was only after Mark bought real estate in Madison in early 2013 to follow through on her idea did she first encounter the word that term describing her idea: “coworking.” Soon she realized that she was not alone in developing that kind of work space.

Just a few years prior, entrepreneurs Jonathan Yankovich and Preston Austin convened with leaders in Madison to discuss what the growing national phenomenon called coworking would, and should, look like here.

“Everyone knew it was coming,” said Austin. “It was obvious that there would be coworking in Madison.”

In 2011, Austin and Yankovich co-founded Horizon Coworking. Matrix — the business that Mark launched — along with 100state and MadWorks, soon followed. Read more …

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