The Commons accepting applications for Spring 2016

MKE_Commons_webFor the students of Southeast Wisconsin’s 23 colleges and universities, this is an opportunity to get firmly planted in our region’s growing innovation economy. You’ll put your skills to the test with real-world projects, work with the most talented peers you’ll ever know and find mentorship / networking opportunities that (pardon the cliche) are going to be game-changers for your career path.

For the region’s academic and business community, this is an unparalleled level of collaboration, creating a vast web of connections and opportunity to retain our best and brightest collegiate students. Together, we’re reshaping the economic landscape of Southeast Wisconsin.

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Why Should I Do This?

You should do this if you have any desire to build a startup or innovate for a corporation. You should do this for the hands-on, real-world professional development. You should do this to learn how to really collaborate, communicate, think critically and be creative. You should do this to join the brightest collegiate minds from across the region, as we throw you into the deep end of innovation and give you direct access to a massive professional network that you will find nowhere else.

Oh, and it’s free and we feed you pretty darn well.

Am I A Good Fit?

We’re looking to find a few key “personas” to put on every team. If you identify as one or more of these and want to put your skills to the test, you’re a good fit!

Hackers – makers and engineering folks of all varieties
Hipsters – graphic, web, branding and product designers
Hustlers – sales, marketing and business development
Handlers – project coordinator to keep team organized and meeting goals

When & Where Is It?

Classes meet at downtown Milwaukee’s Ward 4 for nine weeks starting with Kickoff Weekend February 13+14 and then every Tuesday evening until Demo Day on April 19th. Check out the full schedule here

And yes, we know that Kickoff Weekend is Valentine’s Day Weekend. We’ll be done early enough to take your boo out for a nice dinner 🙂

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