For any new startup, 2017 is the ‘Year of Audience’

By Adam Rowe, Tech.Co

crowd_unsplash_webAudience has always been important to a new startup. After all, a product or service can be amazing, but it’s useless with an audience to beta-test it and get the word out. Pivoting is great, but you need an audience in order to do it. And you’ll never land your first seed round without a little data proving you can get traction.

But in 2017, that audience is even more important. That’s partially because a startup audience is harder to get than it had been in the past, and it’s partially because it’s more important to get.

Why Audience-Building Is Tougher Than Ever

Sites with causal audiences are feeling the squeeze, as their social network engagement numbers took a dip across the last few months. The amount of information online is massive, which means that platforms are redirecting their efforts.

The biggest search engines and social networks have huge audience bases that they need to keep happy — Facebook and Google together sucked up 89 percent of 2016’s ad revenue growth — and that means only surfacing the best of the best. Audiences for every other publication out there are dwindling, making the audience for your new startup project tougher to find, but more engaged when you actually land them. Read more …

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