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Live on King Street Concert Viewing Benefiting Doyenne Group

Bendyworks is opening their doors and windows for attendees to have a front row view of Live On King St. Concert with proceeds benefiting Doyenne.

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Women, people of color will be focus of new Doyenne Group investment fund

The Doyenne Group, a nonprofit devoted to helping women entrepreneurs, has unveiled a new $1.2 million fund for investing in startups operated by women and people of color.

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Doyenne Group: June 2016 Connect

Join the Doyenne Group for an evening of getting to know Doyenne members and networking with other women professionals while enjoying food and beverages.

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Doyenne Retreat

The Doyenne Retreat is a multi-day, strategic planning workshop for women-led startups. The Retreat is a opportunity for you and your team to escape the day-to-day routine and focus on developing your next strategic move.

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