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Wisconsin Innovation Awards

The Wisconsin Innovation Awards (WIA) seek to celebrate and inspire innovation. The WIA highlights and honors the development of groundbreaking and innovative ideas. If it is a transformational idea we want to celebrate it.

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Educated workforce drives Madison to No. 10 on tech city list

Madison ranked No. 10 on a list of top 25 tech cities, and much of it has to do with a highly educated workforce.

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The math adds up here

The capital region of Wisconsin has been churning out tech entrepreneurs and innovative firms whose primary purpose is the promotion of personal health and wellness.

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Distinguished Entrepreneurship Lunch: Tyler Leeper, Wingra & Brittingham Boats

The Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship offers a weekly Distinguished Entrepreneurs Lunch program where local experts on entrepreneurship tell their unique story and answer questions from students on the UW campus.

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Madison Startup Fair

The Madison Startup Fair is back! The 2017 Madison Startup Fair features successful startups from the Madison area. The goal of the 5th annual event is to enable startups to connect with students on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus as well as raise the awareness of Madison startups in general.

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Writing the Business Plan

In this course you’ll create a plan for your new or existing business. You will go through each section of the business plan and complete a draft to use as a roadmap for your business and help you obtain financing.

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